Our Craig tube was developed for brands that want to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and brand protection to their customers via their tube packaging.

The Australian government has set four national packaging waste targets, with the goal of achieving these targets by 2025. The four targets are:

  • 100% of all Australia’s packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 or earlier
  • 70% of Australia’s plastic packaging will be recycled or composted by 2025
  • 30% average recycled content will be included across all packaging by 2025
  • Problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging will be phased out through design, innovation or introduction of alternatives

To read more about these targets, please view the website of our leading industry magazine PKN Packaging news:

We named this innovative tube Craig because:

Our Craig tube can be manufactured using either a monolayer, dual layer or 5-layer wall structure. Depending on the barrier functionality required, we can use sugar cane polyethylene (PE) in different layers of the wall, so the tube can contain from 20% sugar cane PE up to 85% sugar cane PE. Sugar cane is a plant, capturing carbon whilst it is growing. When the sugar cane PE leaves the factory, it is carbon neutral. The sugar cane PE that we source is FDA approved for direct food contact and does not contain any nasties, such as Bisphenol A. Impact International also operates one of the largest privately-owned solar farms in NSW. We can combine the carbon neutral sugar cane PE with our own green energy production, resulting in the ability to supply customers with tubes that have almost no carbon footprint.

Traditional polyethylene is derived from fossil fuels and traditionally, power is generated utilising resources such as coal, gas and diesel. Our Craig tube utilises multiple renewable resources, being sugar cane PE, which is turned into tubes using energy from the sun.

Our Craig tubes are manufactured right here in Australia. Having packaging manufactured in Australia by a company with more than 60 years’ experience helps reduce the risks of counterfeit packaging emerging, you know that workers are not being exploited or underpaid and that you will receive a quality product that represents your brand to the standard that you expect.

Our Craig tube combines many different innovative factors, such as allowing the end user to return the empty tube to Impact and we will arrange for it to be recycled. We are the only tube maker that we know of who is offering such a service to brand owners.

Through our internationally registered anti-counterfeit measures, brand owners have the ability to complete a quick 5 second test on their tube, allowing them to identify if the tube in front of them is the genuine product or a counterfeit product. The test is non-destructive and allows brand owners to take a proactive stance against the very real threat that counterfeit products pose to a brands reputation.

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