About Impact International

About Impact International

Impact is a family-owned company that has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing industry-leading packaging tubes for a wide range of internationally-recognised companies across Australia. With almost 90 years of experience in manufacturing aluminium, laminate and plastic tubes, the company continues to be at the forefront of the design and manufacture of top quality collapsible packaging and eco tubes using only the best and most suitable materials. As testament to their expertise, the Lajovic family has been supplying aluminium and laminate tubes to top brands such as Colgate Australia, Dencorub, Deep Heat, Nestle since 1958.

The company experienced tremendous growth over a period of nearly two decades, expanding its facilities to include plants in the Philippines (1963), Malaysia (1964), Venezuela (1967), Indonesia (1967), New Zealand (1971), Melbourne, Australia (1972), and Singapore (1979). In 1984, the company’s innovation helped them become the first to obtain Colgate approval for laminate tubes made on an AISA machine. That same year, Impact began producing its own proprietary tube laminates with uniquely high interlayer bond strengths that have never been matched by other suppliers of packaging laminate tubes.

In 1994, the Lajovic family regained ownership of the original family business in Slovenia. Following aggressive globalisation of the world’s toothpaste manufacturers, Impact rationalised and now maintains facilities in Australia, Indonesia and Slovenia.

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