Impact produces pharmaceutical tubes that provide an incredible barrier to light, moisture, oils, fats, volatile chemicals and microorganisms. Collapsible aluminium tubes are the perfect pharmaceutical tube because they prevent air contaminants and allow for maximum shelf life after opening. Aluminium foil barrier laminate tubes are also well suited to the pharmaceutical industry because of their ability to hold aggressive products such as liniment creams and antiseptics. With the availability of our exclusive High Chemical Resistant, peelable tamper evidence orifice seal, your pharmaceutical tubes provide excellent protection from damage to give your customers peace of mind when purchasing sensitive products.


With a wide range of extruded plastic cosmetic tubes that are both resilient and attractive, Impact has a packaging option for any application. Cosmetic tubes are perfectly suited to shampoos, conditioners, skin cream and UV sunscreens. The packaging manufactured by Impact are loved by consumers for their ease of use and by retailers for their ability to present well on shelves and retain their good looks through multiple handlings. Thanks to the availability of a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, as well as EVOH for barrier protection, you can custom design your cosmetic tubes to produce an eye-catching effect that meets your marketing goals.


There are a variety of packaging tubes suitable for industrial applications, from harsh chemicals such as adhesives to more sensitive contents including food, Impact has aluminium, laminate and plastic tubes for almost any requirement. Renowned for their innovative barrier technology and smart looks, the plastic barrier laminate tubes offer technology that is testament to Impact’s reputation as a world leader in packaging design. While we offer a wide range of aluminium, laminate and plastic tubes that are durable and versatile, we can also create custom designed options to suit your unique industry requirements. Impact’s products always offer beautiful, reliable solutions to your packaging needs.

Serving You

For more details on how Impact International can serve your industry, get in touch with us directly. Our experienced team can help you select the right materials and create a professional, powerful design to complement your marketing strategy.

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