Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing – Our Commitment to the Environment

Impact is committed to the environmentally responsible manufacturing of our collapsible packaging tubes. The company has a no heavy metals policy, recycles processing scrap wherever possible and works with clients in a partnership to minimise waste. We also believe it is important to supply high quality products that do not fail. In fully protecting goods with plastic and aluminium tubes of the highest quality, we eliminate spoilage caused by faulty packaging, which can contribute to the waste stream.

Our European plant is developing a biopolymer coating for use in laminate material using Whey protein in the structure to help reduce the amount of synthetic oxygen barrier material used and increase its environmental friendliness. The product is called Wheylayer® (patent pending) and offers good oxygen barrier properties and exceeds the barrier properties of existing biopolymers.

The use of the WHEYLAYER® barrier biopolymer will be a key innovation in the packaging sector and result in a very positive impact on the environment as it solves multiple challenges: finding new commercial uses of currently discarded cheese by-product, replacing petroleum-based plastics with natural bioplastic

while safeguarding the performance and enhancing the recyclability of multilayer film, thus adding huge value for the European packaging industries and their end users, especially for cosmetic tubes and pharmaceutical tubes.

We received the 2013 Slovenian National Award for the best Eco Product recognising the use of this laminate in the production of these eco tubes.

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If you would like more information on Impact’s commitment to the environment in the manufacture of squeeze and collapsible tubes, please get in touch with us here.

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