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Capacity and Applications

Capacity and Applications

Impact has innovative packaging tubes that offer high quality, professional solutions for the requirements of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as well as a wide range of other professional packaging needs. The aluminium, laminate and plastic packaging tubes designed and manufactured by Impact protect the integrity of your product with the option of attractive tubes that give your brand the added power of eye-catching marketing on the retail shelf.

Plastic Extruded Tubes

Tubes Capacity

Diameter PE EVOH Length – mm
19 65 to 145
22   65 to 145
25 65 to 145
30 65 to 155
35 70 to 180
40 70 to 180
50 70 to 210

* These are provided as a guide only. Customers must satisfy themselves any tube purchased is fit for purpose through
their own stability and/or filling trials.

Laminate Tubes – Aluminium Barrier and Plastic Barrier Laminate Tubes

Tubes Capacity

Diameter ABL PBL Length – mm
22   83 to 200
25   83 to 200
29   83 to 200
30 83 to 200
32   83 to 200
35   83 to 200
38   83 to 200
40   83 to 200
50   83 to 215
56     83 to 215

* These are provided as a guide only. Customers must satisfy themselves any tube purchased is fit for purpose through
their own stability and/or filling trials.

Aluminium Tubes

Tubes Capacity

Diameter Length – mm
13.5 55 to 95
16 65 to 97
19 72 to 140
22 80 to 141
25 92 to 165
28 100 to 185
30 100 to 185
31.2 100 to 185
35 100 to 205
38 128 to 210
40 140 to 210

* These are provided as a guide only. Customers must satisfy themselves any tube purchased is fit for purpose through
their own stability and/or filling trials.

With the needs of different industries and products in mind, Impact manufactures tubes that are designed to fit your specific requirements.

  • Aluminium Foil Barrier Laminate (ABL) Tubes – This is the type of container most commonly used for toothpaste throughout the world. They combine economy with high quality decoration in a protective collapsible tube.
    Impact has developed unique aluminium foil barrier laminates that has a bond strength up to 3 times higher than other laminate tubes marketed around the world. These special laminates can be used to make packaging tubes to hold aggressive products including liniment creams, essential oils, antiseptics and adhesives. Our collapsible tubes are also available with Impact’s shoulder barrier technology and exclusive High Chemical Resistant, peelable tamper evidence orifice seal.
    Impact also has many years’ experience supplying laminate tubes for packing foods. The company has developed techniques to protect contents from tainting and to maximise shelf life.
  • Plastic Barrier Laminate (PBL) Tubes – Plastic barrier laminate (PBL) tubes are largely a cosmetic tube, extensively used to pack toothpaste as well as personal care lines and pharmaceuticals. PBL tubes are also ideal for foods. They truly are the tube of the future as they combine good looks with functional barrier capability.
    Impact offers standard surface print and premium trapped printed options for stunning looks on the shelf. The plastic structure retains its good looks even after handling. A layer of EVOH barrier plastic protects the contents from oxygen and also prevents oils or volatiles from leaking out of the pack. Impact has been a world leader in developing this technology particularly for packing foods.
  • Extruded plastic tubes – Impact’s extruded plastic tubes are another type of cosmetic tube, most commonly used for premium image personal care lines and products that must present well on retail shelves such as skin creams and UV sunscreens. They are also suitable for foods as well as many pharmaceuticals.
    Impact’s extruded plastic tubes are available in natural (clear), opaque or a huge selection of colours including pearlescent and metallic effects as well as plastic tubes with EVOH protection.

Offset printing, screen printing or labelling options can create a very attractive packaging which can be further enhanced with foil stamping for an eye-catching effect.

Extruded plastic tubes are mostly designed to stand on their cap, which can be a simple screw-on or flip-top design. Retailers like them because they spring back to shape, retaining their good looks, after being squeezed by browsing shoppers, and consumers love them because they are so easy to use.

  • Aluminium tubes – Collapsible aluminium tubes are produced from an aluminium disk by the impact extrusion process. This requires a minimum aluminium purity of 99.7%.
    Aluminium tubes give a complete barrier to gases, light, moisture, oils, fats, volatile chemicals and micro-organisms. As the contents are squeezed out, the container collapses, so there is no drawing in of air or contaminants. There is virtually no air voids in the aluminium tube, so aluminium tubes are ideal for products that are sensitive to air and require maximum shelf life after opening. In Europe many food pastes are packed in aluminium tubes.
    They can be produced either with the orifice open, or closed with a thin membrane of aluminium that is easy to pierce. They make excellent pharmaceutical tubes thanks to their high level of protection from contaminants and being tamper evident. When fitted with a cosmetic cap, aluminium tubes make an attention-grabbing pack for premium image personal care creams.

Consult the Experts

For more information about any of our collapsible packaging tubes, get in touch with us directly. Our friendly team of experienced professionals can help you determine the most suitable tube for your product in order to ensure you get exactly what you need.