Welcome to the Impact International Group Website.

Impact International produces squeeze tube and collapsible tube packaging for toothpaste, foods, pharmaceuticals, personal care & household chemicals. Impact specializes in  squeeze tubes. Because the focus is only on tubes, Impact is at the forefront of development.  There are so many options of tube size, colours, decoration, caps, etc that each tube may be custom designed for the product it will contain. Squeeze tubes are not normally available as stock items, even for long running variants, because they take up a lot of room to store. So you need a tube supplier with the versatility to make the tube that you want, when you want it.

Impact makes all the main types of squeeze tube. Each has its own strengths, advantages and special features. If you know what type of tube you need, quickly find the relevant section from the drop down menus above.  If you want to know more about tube types, which to use for your product, or sizing, then check the tube general information section of this website. 

Impact International is one of the world's most innovative producers of squeeze tubes. If you have a special tube packaging problem talk to Impact

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